Career backend engineer looking for a role at a growing, fast-paced company in the Portland, OR area or fully remote

Technical Skills

  • Modern API development (both REST and GraphQL) in Java, Kotlin, and Scala
  • Build and deploy automation with GitHub, CircleCI, and Docker
  • Cloud-based architecture development for scalable services and asynchronous operations with AWS Lambda
  • Database management with both SQL (Postgres and MySQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB and DynamoDB)

Additional Skills

  • Management experience, leading two teams of engineers towards aggressive goals
  • Ability to work efficiently in a team environment as well as independently
  • Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills

Work Experience

Flow Finance

Lead Engineer (Sep 2022 — Jan 2023)

Senior Software Engineer (Feb 2021 — Sep 2022)

  • Develop generic platform for building and deploying Scala code to AWS Lambda
  • Build data pipeline from scratch, pulling data in real time and at low cost from several data providers
  • Write backing logic for internal services, enabling bookkeepers to easily manipulate data upstream
  • Mentor junior engineers on the JVM, Scala, and functional programming concepts from the ground up

Cash App

Senior Software Engineer (Sep 2020 — Feb 2021)

  • Maintain integration with Salesforce, empowering Cash App's customer support team
  • Discovery and solution work for handling official customer complaints via multiple input sources


Engineering Manager (Oct 2019 — May 2020)

Senior Software Engineer (Jul 2018 — Oct 2019)

  • Harden, refine, and reconstruct monolithic Scala service, responsible for managing over a million IRAs
  • Create serverless infrastructure to synchronize investment statuses across systems
  • Lead engineering team of nine, emphasizing individual growth and team achievements
  • Reinforce adherence to Scrum principles, increasing velocity and productivity


Senior Software Engineer (Jan 2017 — Jul 2018)

  • Devise and implement architecture for promoting search results on store.nike.com
  • Craft Elasticsearch solutions for multi-tenant needs
  • Implement and tune search engine scoring mechanism via Apache Spark/Hive

SportsLabs, Inc.

Senior Software Engineer (Sep 2016 — Dec 2017)

Software Engineer (Jan 2015 — Sep 2016)

  • Overhaul Spring REST API servicing the college sports domain
  • Devise new build/deployment mechanisms for AWS Elastic Beanstalk, driven through Bamboo
  • Diagnose and fix MongoDB performance problems
  • Mentor junior engineers to improve technical knowledge and performance


Programmer (Oct 2014 — Jan 2015)

  • Maintain and upgrade fleet of Java EE applications
  • Refactor legacy code, bringing it under test and making it EE container agnostic

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc.

Enterprise Developer (Mar 2014 — Aug 2014)

  • Port existing Rails application for customer loyalty program into Spring MVC
  • Design and develop backing RESTful service, written with Spring, CXF, and Hibernate
  • Draft and implement Postgres schema for customer information

Recondo Technology, Inc.

Associate Software Engineer (Aug 2013 — Feb 2014)

  • Parse, normalize, and persist customer input in a Spring/Camel based service
  • Persist medical encounter information to Postgres using Hibernate
  • Develop and maintain standalone Java-based web services

FullContact, Inc.

Software Development Intern (Aug 2012 — Aug 2013)

  • Develop RESTful API for obtaining contact information in Grails
  • Integrate Twitter and Foursquare APIs with contact management system
  • Script exports of seeded contact data in Hadoop


BS in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Colorado School of Mines

Relevant Course Work

  • Programming and Software Engineering in Ruby, Java, and C++
  • Statistics, Linear Algebra, Linear Models

Achievements and Awards

  • National Merit Scholarship Finalist
  • Northrop Grumman Corporate Sponsor Scholarship Winner